Bathroom Oddities


I stepped in the bathroom to take a leak just now and there was a man in blue standing there, not really doing anything. He looked like he might be a janitor, but I couldn’t really tell. After I was done peeing and turned to wash my hands, I saw him with his face nearly touching the mirror, “grooming” himself with the same implacable look he had when I first stepped in. Why was he there? what was he waiting for? Why was he so silent? He probably WAS just a janitor, but it’s more interesting this way.

On my way out, I decided to dry my hands using the electric hand dryer, which feels like it was designed by an evil genius. You see, the sensor on the damned thing is so weak that when your hands oare too far, it won’t activate. When it does activate your hands are so close to the dryer it feels like it’ll burn your skin off. I have been trying for days to find the perfect distance, but just as the heat starts to feel uncomfortably warm (as opposed to searing hot) the unit shuts off, leavingme with damp, mildly burned hands. So evil.


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