This is Next-Gen?


My friend’s brother (yeah, they’re a geeky family) bought his Xbox 360 the other day and I sat down and watched him play for a while last night after work.  He bought “Dead Rising” to go along with the console and well…it looked nice.  I haven’t played the game myself, but as a spectator I must admit that I wasn’t floored.  The graphics, while much cleaner and more textured than the current gen (PS2, gamecube), just weren’t eye-poppingly good. This could be attributed to the fact that he was playing it on a standard def  TV, since you need to play on an HDTV for the full “next-gen experience.  Perhaps it’s unfair, but I keep comparing it to when I first saw MGS2 on the PS2 and was just awed at the sheer leap in graphical power.

Of course I can’t properly give any kind of review on the console or the game since I didn’t really get to play it, this is what you might call a “spectator’s” review.  Xbox 360s are starting to become relatively affordable here in the Philippines, with retail values hovering around 25k or so, and interesting deals popping up on ebay.  Still, when you consider that HDTVs are still hovering around the 75k or more range, maybe it’s still not the best time to get one.   With the Wii coming out soon at a decidedly lower price point, and sticking to standard def ouput, that’s where my pesos are going.


2 Comments to “This is Next-Gen?”

  1. Another wordpress blog??

    well about next-gen, it’s still up to the art team and graphics programmers to squeeze as much as they can out of the hardware.i wouldn’t expect top notch art direction from a game like dead rising, since that game is mostly about the gameplay. MGS2 was longer in the making, and the producer has the most anal eye for detail. Konami’s art team is one of the best in the biz, so it’s the art direction that wowed you, not how many polygons and textures the game was pushing. Besides, dead rising is relatively an early title, so the dev team may not have gotten the hang of the new hardware. You know how all of gameloft’s games blow everything we did out of the water?

  2. this is my first wordpress blog! Or did you mean ET’s slightly defunct one? Dude, WordPress is hawt.

    About Dead Rising, you probably have a point. Like I said, I didn’t even get to play it, and I was watching for all of 15 minutes. This is more of a gut reaction than a review.

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