MRT Radio

Anyone who’s ridden the MRT recently will find a welcome surpise. Where before all you herd was the sqeaks of ungreased wheels and the shuffling of people trying to get into a more comfortable position, now jazz music wafts through the air to soothe the ears of disgruntled commuters. Featuring instrumental jazz tracks set to songs like “Fly me to the moon” and even contemporary jazz by the likes of Jamie Cullum, it’s the only thing that keeps me sane when I’m packed like sardine in a full MRT train.

It makes sense in a huge way, because Metrostar, the company that runs the MRT, has long been complaining that they’re losing money, and proposed to double the price of ticket sales a few years ago. I’m assuming someone predicted the backlash of such a drastic measure, and said person also had the bright idea to suggest an onboard radio station to increase ad revenue. I’m just glad that they didn’t decide to broadcast something like 93.9 “Love Radio” (kelangan pa ba i-memorize yaaaan?) and went with soothing jazz instead. Sheer genius.


6 Responses to “MRT Radio”

  1. SO true! My mp3 player’s sole purporse is to keep me sane in the morning ride to work. It’s been acting funny lately, so I’ve had to endure those rides sans music the past few days. I wonder who’s in charge of their playlist? It certainly isn’t something you’d expect to hear in public transportation.

    Oh, and after your waxing poetic about Word Press, I’m actually considering doing the switch, too.

  2. Yeah, I’d normally expect to hear sarah geronimo or soemthing like that. Or those eurotrash remixes they love to play. Can you say “got to believe in magic” the disco version?

    Dude, wordpress, so hawt. I have yet to unlock its full potential and I’m so psyched already.

  3. I’m not too sure, but I think Love Radio is 90.7? Hee. I sometimes listen to it when I commute, if only to have a better grasp of Filipino. :p

  4. MRT Radio now accepts greetings! =)
    Send your announcements to

  5. what is the MRT Radio email?


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