The Librarian (Kinda)

I’ve finally stumbled upon my first frustration with wordpress.  Apprently, you can’t assign categories to separate pages.  What use is a separate page if you can’t add categories to it?  It’s a small complaint, but it’s there.  Maybe I’m just too OC about organizing my blog.

Anyhoo, here’s my first artwork update in more than a month.  The character is loosely based on the “librarian” unit in Warhammer40k, and was done in around 10 hours using photoshop CS2.


6 Comments to “The Librarian (Kinda)”

  1. i generally like it. i like the blue lighting around the sad looking librarian.

  2. my friends saw machuca and highly recommended it to me. can’t watch it’s last showing on saturday though. what pity.

    if you haven’t seen piedras, i suggest you do. bring along a roll of tissue for the girl.

    your artwork’s alive man. it looks like it’s killed more than a million robots in it’s 5-year lifetime.

  3. ipelikulas is still showing until saturday? hmmm I might catch one last movie. sayang din!

  4. i just noticed i used apostrophes in a hundred wrong places. bahahaha!

    the movies are showing until sunday. before i made other plans this weekend i was on the lookout for some J.L. Garci films. El Abuelo looked promising. it’s on 2pm sunday.

    if you got subscription:

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