MRT musings summary

I just found out that a post that I thought I’d posted..disappeared. how odd. Anyway, here is the gist of what I blogged.

MRT radio is AWOL. I haven’t heard in my last two commutes and I’m worried that it has been taken off the “air”. That would be sad, since it’s a brilliant move for Metrostar, and it really doesn’t cost them much to do it.

They’re taking down the billboards on that used to be attached to the MRT stations. Good riddance. Aside from being visual pollution and blocking the passage of air to overpasses, they’re just plain dangerous.

I wonder why it is that Filipinos can’t learn to line up? Why are we so socially ingrained with the idea that you need to do what gets you ahead of the pack no matter what the cost, while at the same time being too polite to assholes who cut in line? On the flipside, why do people in developed countries line up without needing to be told to?


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