The Sickness, it beckons.

I am sick, and I’m blogging from an ancient laptop computer at home while the medicines in my body work overtime to stop my sickness from spreading. They’ll fail of course, because they have no idea what they’re up against.

I was checking my blog stats just now and it is amazing how effective Yahoo’s status message can be. I have had a total of one blog view up until this point, as opposed to around at the same time yesterday. For anyone looking to build up their blog traffic, take heed. Collect as many YM friends as you can and constantly update your status message when you have a new blog. It does wonders for your viewership.


One Comment to “The Sickness, it beckons.”

  1. i tried that once and it didn’t do any for me. of course, blogger doesn’t really have site trafficking stats available to its users so i base my readership rate on the amount of comments i get – which is zilch so far. boo.

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