You know you’re a dork when…

…you look outside your makati office window to see a fire raging a few blocks away, and the first thing you think is “Hey, it’s just like Sim City!”

Feel free to add any more of your own dorkisms.

Since this blog doesn’t generate enough traffic to garner interesting comments, I posted it in two sites I frequent for some hilarious results.


One Comment to “You know you’re a dork when…”

  1. hahahahahahaha!! sometimes when I look at a person talking animatedly, they start looking like the anime characters which are drawn warped up and bouncing around to display excited emotion.

    even dorkier – when i’m stuck in traffic, i get uber annoyed and think to myself – i could’ve been playing civ (or dota) if i just left earlier (or, back in ePLDT, if i just stayed in the office!)

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