MRT Radio is back!

MRT Radio is back, with a vengeance. Not only are they broadcasting again, but they’ve added a few key features as well:

  • Expanded playlist, which includes more contemporary music
  • A new “greeting card” segment, where riders are encouraged to send in email greetings to friends or loved ones
  • That’s all really, but two bullet points seemed a little…what’s a word for “not enough”?

I don’t recognize a lot of the new songs, but they’re all still very cool and mellow, soulful music even. I sort of wish that the DJ would announce the song titles and artists, but maybe they’ll get to that in the future. For now, I really gotta give props to the guy handling the playlist, because it’s top notch.

Still, there was an odd moment when the playlist hit a Jack Johnson song about trains breaking down. It was a little peculiar hearing him singing “I need this…old train to break down…” while riding on a seven(?) year old train.


One Comment to “MRT Radio is back!”

  1. what’s the email address of the greeting card segment of MRT Radio? Tnx. God bless

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