India sucks at space, and Fabio is a geek.

Apparently India tried to send a satellite into space recently, but had to blow up the rocket in mid-flight for fear that it might not land where they wanted it to.

In Africa, a Tech entrepreneur tries to get African dictators leaders to shape up by offering them a bribe cash prize of $5million. Too bad they’re too busy swimming in their ill-gotten wealth to take notice.
But the coup de grace of this Linkorama, ladies and gents, is this:

Yes, ladies and gents, Fabio is…a geek. And he solders that board like he was born to do it. You learn something new everyday kids, and sometimes you wish you didn’t.


3 Comments to “India sucks at space, and Fabio is a geek.”

  1. oohh fabio! the mystery man with long flowing locks and tend to display his chest on the cover of every old romance pocketbook. lol (i just saw him sa latest episode ng america’s next top model XD)

  2. Now just imagine him with his flowing locks on the cover of a Romance Novel, cradling a Dell XPS laptop. If that doesn’t destroy your fantasy, I don’t know what will. Have a nice day!

  3. viedo is no longer available!!! bwiset!!!

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