Light a candle, Beyotch!

I like my porno graphics just like every other guy, but only when it involves hot chicks like this, not when it involves children.  So light a candle, because it’s the least you can do to help make sure kids get to enjoy their time as children.  God knows it’s short enough as it is.

Kudos to the guy who identifies the girl.


3 Comments to “Light a candle, Beyotch!”

  1. Ironically, many female models that you see in media (tv, magazines, fashion runways, etc) ARE children–15-17 year old waifs. So, it can be that the “adult” porn you look at can be those of children too. Help stop child pornography by stopping adult porn.

  2. Sorry, no dice. I like my adult porn. What adults do with their time and how they earn their money is none of my business, but if they use children (ie 17-17) then that’s when I give a damn.

    I’m sorry if this is cynical, but people are horny by nature, and if you tried to ban porn, they’d start making their own pornos, and those who like child porno would be driven deeper underground, but they’d STILL BE THERE. Except they’d be in dark, dank holes where the law has even more trouble fighting them or even finding them.

    Help stop child pornography by accepting and embracing adult porn for adults, letting it out into the light and condemning and outlawing those that use children.

  3. Sorry, just had to add one more thought. I know you mean well, and I respect that, but I just don’t believe that banning porn altogether is the solution.

    I remember when the envoronmental issue du jour was that dolphins were being killed because they got caught in nets by Tuna fishermen. Dolphins, who are mammals, ending up drowning in the nets. The solution wasn’t to ban tuna fishing altogether, but to make restrictions on tuna fishing and create nets which would allow dolphins not to get caught in them.

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