Two movie reviews for you!

You know how sometimes you’ll get tired of watching movies for a few months, then one weekend you watch two movies almost in a row?

Annapolis- Take boxing and the naval academy, mix it with an up and coming Asian American director, and you’ll get the uninspired mess called Annapolis. The eternally wooden faced James Franco stars as a new recruit in the Naval Academy, hoping to earn his stripes to fulfill his late mother’s dream. But wait, there’s more! He’s also a boxer, and he’ll run into a tough as nails commanding officer who he’ll slug it out with in the final scenes of the movie.

Annapolis is one of those rare movies that almost doesn’t make you feel anything at all. You don’t feel for the characters, James Franco acts like a bratty 9 year old, and the only guy that stirred the pot up a bit, the class clown of the group, gets kicked out in the middle of the movie for not taking a shower. There is only one moment in the movie that’ll get a rise out of you, and after that it’s all downhill. This movie’s coming out soon in theaters, but I’d encourage you to avoid it at all costs, since this isn’t even worth a rental.

V for Vendetta I think I know what people who watched Constantine without any knowledge of the comic book feel now. I have never read Alan Moore’s celebrated graphic novel, and so I wasn’t too disappointed when I watched the film version. When I watched Constantine, I wanted to kick Keanu in the balls to get some kind of reaction out his stoner face because he was horribly miscast as John Constantine. I’ll go so far as to say that perhaps Constantine isn’t as bad as I make it out to be, but it would have been much better with an Ewan McGregor or that guy from “The Full Monty” in the lead role.

Oh right, V for Vendetta. Good stuff, and very relevant in our day and age especially if you’re tuned in to the news and current events. If not, you’ll appreciate how hot Natalie Portman still is and to be careful around guys wearing masks.


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