It’s been a while.

It had to happen sometime.  I’ve finally run out of energy to post on my blog.  I think it was part of the shock of seeing my blog views soar to 103 then sink to 22 the next day that did it.  After a month of almost posting every single day, I think it’s time to relax a little, especially since I’ll be doing a little professional blogging soon.  More on that in the future.

Anyway, this doesn’t mean I’ll be leaving this blog to rot, just that I won’t be updating as frenetically as I have this past month. I still have plans to put up some simple recipes (bachelor chow 101) and restaurant reviews (Z’s) and other geekery as well.  Thanks to everyone who takes the time to visit this site every now and then, because I really do appreciate it.

Wow, you’d think I went on hiatus for a month or something.  I’ve only been gone two days.  I R drama queen.


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