Anino Goes Next-Gen with “Xenon”

anino.jpgGot the news from a friend of mine who works there. He’d been telling me about a sci-fi game they were working on, but he had to keep most of it mum because it was some big corporate secret. Now the secret’s out, and they gave frickin Hackenslash (meh.) the Press Release for the game.

I’m really thrilled that Anino’s come this far, especially since I know a lot of people who work there and in their mobile division. Hopefully the game does better than Anito did financially, so that they can continue to grow even bigger. I can still remember reading about them in the news when they were first developing Anito and thinking that it’d never be completed. 10 odd years later and here they are, going full throttle with a next-gen game to boot.

Somebody should tell them to fix up their website though, cos it looks SO 5 years ago. And while they’re at it,they should change their logo, cos it looks SO Slycesoft.

edit: Apparently someone (me) did tell them that their website looks ancient and their logo looks like Slycesoft, because Luna (I’d link your blog but I forgot what your new one is called) found her way to my website. 😀


One Comment to “Anino Goes Next-Gen with “Xenon””

  1. i told lhadz the same thing. their site’s navigation is horrible!

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