Sephiroth = Gay

So this really isn’t recent news and I’m not the first one to notice Sephiroth is voiced by Lance Bass after reading my Kingdom Hearts manual, but that doesn’t make it any less funny.


8 Comments to “Sephiroth = Gay”

  1. well i duno if he is played by a gay guy but sephiroth is an amazing character and the orignal char for the game was not voiced so sephie is not gay

  2. Yes, you’re right. I’m so sorry. Sephiroth is so cool, and shortening his name to Sephie really doesn’t sound gay at all.

  3. lol I always suspected that in the back of my mind. It doesn’t matter. he’s still just as awesome as ever.
    ew.. sephiroth is not a softie. calling him sephie really isn’t right.

  4. I am…The beginning, and the end. Your foolish minds could not begin to comprehend the power of an Immortal. And whats this about some gay voice actor, perhaps he enjoys all his man on man flaunting. But i, only love 1…Mother…

    P.S.- Sephie…? Why not Seph, or “One and only, lord and mghty master”

  5. So in your world, it’s a lot less troubling to want to bang your mom than to bang another guy. Right.

  6. Fuck You Ryan, Sephiroth is a god and you are a little piece of shit. Go fuck yourself, faggot!

  7. Wow. It’s amazing how strong this thread is going after all these months!

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