Them’s fighting words

I came across this old post at the Slycesoft forums and was just amused by how merciless I was when I was picking on their game Away Agila. I think I’m much kinder these days, but some of the comments I made back then were just hilariously brutal, and so I thought in a bit of self-marketing I’d post ’em here as a reminder of how far I’ve mellowed out.

“In fact, I wouldn’t be half as annoyed if your website didn’t say “beyond the cutting edge” on it. I mean c’mon! For Christ’s sake, you’re so far from the cutting edge it’s almost hilarious. You’re like butter knives.”

“Filipinos are naturally sensitive, that’s true, but they have to get over it, and fast. Making video games is not about giving each other handjobs for making a shit product. The market’s too big, and the gap between hit and “suck” is becoming painfully obvious. “

Slycesoft, as far as I know, eventually folded, and most of the members of the team went on to bigger ( and might I say, rather undeserved) things. Away Agila will most likely never see the light of day again, and thank God for that. Kudos to anyone who identifies the picture.


2 Comments to “Them’s fighting words”

  1. Kudos? I love kudos.

    It’s Spider Jerusalem of Transmetropolitan, of course.

  2. Well then here are your kudos, as promised. 😀

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