Why Onimusha rocks

While many of you have probably already played these games to death, It’s only now that I’m coming around to just how brilliant the Onimusha series for the PS2 is. While in the past if you asked me what my favorite video game franshise I’d have said Final Fantasy, Onimusha is giving Square Enix a run for their money. I’m only halfway through the trilogy (I’m in the middle of Onimusha 2), but here are some of the reasons why I think this is one of the best video game franchises ever.

First off, you have to play them in order to appreciate the evolution of the series and how it has turned into a better game with each iteration.

Onimusha 1 was quite simply put “Resident Evil: Samurai”. It had the exact same control system, the puzzles and items were similar across franchises, and you were still fighting the undead. My chief complaint with Onimusha 1 was that it was relatively easy and much too short for my liking. On the whole, I’d say I liked it much more than any in the RE series, if only for the emphasis on action and the fact that you didn’t always have to watch yout ammo. It was good, but not great.

Onimusha 2 is great.

It’s one of the few sequels that has lived up to the hype its predecessor set (*cough cough* devil may cry *cough cough*) and introduced a boatload of interesting new features that added greatly to the user experience. The ally and gift giving system, where a secondary character would come in to help you in tight situations depending on their relationship with you was an excellent idea, and had me running to and fro handing out gifts. Onimusha 2 also let you out of the dungeon and takes you to different areas, each with their own peculiarities. The aforementioned characters are also interesting and their personal stories are intriguing enough for you to pay attention to them. The graphics are unbelievably good, and impressive even by today’s standards in my opinion. I couldn’t help gawking at some stages and just taking in the amount of detail and attention given to the stages. It’s also much longer than the first game, or will be at least, because I’m only halfway through and I’ve used up the time I spent beating 1.

All in all, Onimusha 2 did exactly what a sequel should. Tighten up the already solid gameplay of the original then apply a few interesting tweaks to make things interesting again.

I can’t wait to finish 2 and then jump into 3.


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