I stumbled upon this hilarious site after clicking on a former co-worker’s status message and was instantly inspired to post it here. This NBA season came with a few new rules and balls, one of which is popularly being called Sheed’s law, and affects the frequency at which referees will call technical fouls. In essence, referees have been given the go signal to fire as many technical fouls as they want, whenever they feel even slightly harassed. NBA commisioner David Stern is obviously trying to crack down on what he feels is a lack of discipline among NBA players, and that is commendable. However, there is a point where he may be going too far.

It seems cruel and unusual to ask basketball players to play their hearts out for you and expect them to just shrug and take it when they’re called for a violation. Emotion and heart are terrific things for a player to have, and Sheed has that in truckloads. Sure there are times when they go overboard, but that’s their problem, and the technical fouls of before were the cure to that. They were working fine, wo why the sudden crackdown?

I want to watch players with passion, not players who have to bite back a retort or stop themselves from wagging a finger at their opponent for fear of a technical.


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