Islands of cream sinking in coffee

Has anyone else ever watched a clump of powdered cream sinking into coffee and thought that it looked liked an island that was sinking into the sea? And did any of you at the same time hold out some hope that somehow the cream would hold itself together magically and stay floating on the sea of coffee and not sink beneath the waves?

I’m just wondering, because I think that every now and then.


4 Comments to “Islands of cream sinking in coffee”

  1. i may have had the same observation as yours but unlike you, i’m too excited to get my regular dose of caffeine for me to be that interested with the powdered cream XD such deep thoughts btw.

  2. deep? more like, geeky. 😀

  3. colibria does this to people

  4. Actually I’ve been thinking ht even before colib. 😀

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