Usability going down…

This is less a rant and more a sigh of resignation.  A client has recently requested that we add blogging capability to our mobile IM application, and this troubles me to no end, because I sincerely feel that it will unnecessarily complicate an app that isn’t even quite stable yet.  Of course, the client comes first and I’m in no position to make decisions here but the least I can do is air out my opinion and hope it takes hold.


3 Comments to “Usability going down…”

  1. Dude, you can always suggest or make comments. At least from a usability/sense-of-clutter perspective, you have a voice. Technical challenges are another matter entirely.

    And I agree. Although the feature is quite cool, it’s technically shaky.

  2. oo noh! chris used to be all about usability-ek. it’s part of your role as well..

    although you cant reason the graph you just showed us in the previous blog.

  3. but the graph’s so nice!

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