Pacquaio wins fight, media frenzy ensues


Because I think Quinito Henson and Chino Trinidad are the worst boxing commentators ever, and I’m sure that the local media bias will be on Manny’s side and give retardedly exagerrated reports of the fight, here are some independent reports of the end of the Pacquiao/Morales trilogy.

And lest some closed-minded Pacman fanboy stumbles across this fight and decides to lambast me for my lack of Patriotism, I’m proud that Manny won, and he proved lot of people wrong when they thought that all his extracurricular activities would take a toll on his fighting form. If anything, this is the best Pacman we’ve seen in his entire career, mixing fluid footwork with a varying attack pattern with his natural power and speed.

But I have to give props to Morales. The heart of a champion is most easily perceived when he’s in dire straits, and the fact that Morales stood his ground, and even managed to trade blows with a much more powerful Pacquiao, says something about his character. In a way it was a passing of the torch from one champion to another, and hopefully 5 years from now Pacman will have as much grace and heart when it comes his time to think about retirement…to become the next Philippine president. You know it’s gonna happen.


2 Comments to “Pacquaio wins fight, media frenzy ensues”

  1. Because I think Quinito Henson and Chino Trinidad are the worst boxing commentators ever -> i agree. i remember them saying “HUWOW!” “KAPOW!” and “BAM!” in some of the fights.

    correct on the morales thing, though. 😉

  2. BAM! KAPOW! Haha, what is this, Adam West era Batman?

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