My professor was wrong, we are stupid enough

I had an STS (Science, Technology, and Society) professor who announced to the class that the post apocalyptic cyberpunk future of the matrix would never occur because people aren’t stupid enough that they would build robots that would be smarter, faster, or stronger than they are. All due respect to my professor (he was one of the better ones actually), he was wrong, and here’s the evidence.

Leading the charge in creating a robot society, the US, South Korea, Germany, and even India are developing robotic soldiers to replace their human armies. Robotic.Soldiers. Let that sink in. Robots created to maim, wound, and kill. These first generation killing machines will inevitably be inept, prompting researchers and scientists to say “damn, we need to make these things smarter.”

Of course, it’ll take a couple of iterations before these bots reach Matrix or even Terminator levels, so we’re safe. Our grandchildren are fucked, though.


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