No launch parties for us, but there’s always eBay

Unfortunately for us Filipinos, we live in a technological backwater and it can take a while before current generation technology reaches us.  Thanks to the internet however, we’re free to surf the web and look in envy at people lined up for their PS3s and Wiis during the recent “launchageddon” of next gen consoles.

While we wait for the consoles of our choice to make their way to our shores, here are a few ebay links that just might sate your gaming appetite.

Why bother with a PS3 or Wii when you can get a complete Nintendo DS package for just 6000 pesos?  And if you need any games, you can try hitting some of these.

Also, while you ought to be wary of people selling Wii and PS3 related email addresses, it looks like genuine PS3 sellers have finally filtered into, though I can’t vouch for their integrity.


One Comment to “No launch parties for us, but there’s always eBay”

  1. Hi,

    You can buy a nintendo DS package with super card. It costs more than 6000 but you can play DS and Advance ROMS on it. Just don’t use the latest software version of the super card and you’ll be super fine!

    You can get all the DS roms you want from your favorite torrent tracker sites.

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