Gilbert Arenas isn’t famous enough

I don’t know whether to be amused or annoyed. Gilbert Arenas, who likes video games so much he even sponsors his own Halo team, is mock complaining that he couldn’t get a PS3 or Wii despite his celebrity status. Says Arenas, “That’s when you sit in your room and try to use your celebrityism. I didn’t get nothing. I knew I should have called and said I was D-Wade. ‘Um, hello, this is D-Wade – This is LeBron – Can I come over there and get one of them?”.

Seriously Gil, it’s cool that you’re so interested in gaming, but if you really wanted a PS3 or a Wii, you should’ve gotten in line, or better yet, just paid some kid pocket change (aka two hunnerd dollars) to wait in line for you for a week or so, and maybe throw in a kevlar vest if you want him to line up for the PS3. But expecting a PS3 or Wii delivered to your doorstep just because you’re who you are? Come on now, let’s be fair.

Remember when you busted your ass all of last year only to be snubbed in the All Star game? That’s exactly how those kids camping out would’ve felt.


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