I hate Toy Kingdom

toyking-logo1.gifThe SM malls have a history of being the place where all of the socio economic classes meet; Not as masa as Ever and not as posh or sosi as Shang and Podium, but somewhere in between. Their department store and affiliates like ourHome, surplus shop, and even watson’s offer quality goods at affordable prices. For the most part, Toy Kingdom adheres to that directive, but when you venture into their electronic/interactie section it’s a totally different story.

The Wii, which is priced at $250 in the US (12500 pesos when converted, more or less), is now being sold in Toy Kingdom for the grand total of 30,000 pesos. When I asked the saleslady why it was so expensive, she just said it was the “latest, kase, ser.”. I don’t blame her, since I’m sure the owners of Toy Kingdom don’t even bother to educate their managers about their products, much less their salespeople. I was tempted to ask for the manager, but I’m not that belligerent and I didn’t intend on buying a unit that day anyway, but I was pretty annoyed, nevertheless.

I just don’t get it. Even if they imported these consoles from the US, it’s just unbelieveable that they’d mark up the prices to more than 200% the console’s retail value. It starts to make even less sense when you consider that SM City’s Toy Kingdom is a natural extension of their toy department, whose consumer base is the masses. When I was still in a toy collecting binge way back I would buy most of my toys there because the smaller specialty shops were charging an insane markup on toys (because they were more knowledgeable and knew the actual market value of certain hard to find items). So why does the opposite become true when it comes to electronic toys?

This isn’t a case of the console being “the newest”, because on average, their current gen games and consoles are also priced higher than they would be in specialty stores in greenhills. Hasn’t anyone in upper management figured out that if they lowered the price on games people might actually start buying more from them than say, Datablitz (which offers games with a more palatable markup)?

On another tangent, if video game companies are worried about software piracy here and around the region, they should make sure to check out how much big retailers like Toy Kingdom are selling their products. Games and consoles are already priced incredibly high, but when even the games themselves are erroneously priced at 3000++ the incentive to buy an original game drops considerably.

Sitting next to the Wii was the PS3 console which if you bought it in Toy Kingdom would set you back a whopping 60 grand. The retail value of the unit in the US is $600, which amounts to 30k when converted here. Perhaps the PS3 pricing is a bit more understandable, especially if the guy they had lining up for it in the US was shot in a PS3 drive-by.

I don’t really care as much though, because I’m cold to the PS3 at this moment. I’m looking to get a Wii, and had Toy Kingdom marked it up to say, 17,500 pesos, I might have considered getting the unit already. By pricing it at 30,000, not only will I shy away from getting it now, I’ll make sure to get my Wii and Wiigames at some other store, one that won’t take advantage of my gaming need so recklessly.

To Filipino gamers reading this, I’d like to ask you a favor.  Please link this up and spread it as far and wide as you can.  I’m really curious as to why they price their videogames that way, and maybe if we make enough of a ruckus, they’ll send some sort of response.  I doubt it, but you never know.


24 Responses to “I hate Toy Kingdom”

  1. Ah, yes. This is precisely why the nerd shall forever be subject to the cruel marketing ploys of these recklessly heartless capitalist pigs: we take these issues way much to heart. Curse you, faceless retail marketing giants!

  2. Haha. Right on, my fellow nerd!

    But really, this is less of a rant and more of me hoping for an explanation. Why does this only affect their electronics department? If their other toys are resonably (if not lower) priced than specialty shops, why are video games the exception?

  3. Yep, as far as Toy Kingdom goes, they suck at their prices for electronic games. This also goes for the “Greatest Hits” line of PS2 games. These are around ~$20 but are still sold at close to P4000.
    The mark-up really doesn’t make sense. Who would buy the current generation of consoles from them? If these idiots exist, then they are the reason why SM can get away with such prices.
    Their toys are priced well though. I bought Cybertron Primus a Transformer from them before those hobby shops mark-up the price on that.
    Anyway, spread this article to others so that maybe the marketing dept. of SM Toy Kingdom gets a whiff of this.

  4. well put sir, whoever you are.

  5. I read in another forum that the PS3 Toy Kingdom is selling for P60,000 is actually just the basic edition (the one priced at US$399).

  6. Nope. I checked that too. It’s the 60 gig one that they’re selling for 60k. so the equation is 1GB = 1000 pesos. 😛

  7. hey michael316: that’s the most annoying thing, the Greatest Hits line, which are meant to be value priced since they’re re-releases. I think some idiot in upper management saw them and said ” ah…greatest hits! siguro mahal to.” Shet.

  8. >hey michael316: that’s the most annoying thing, the Greatest Hits line, which are meant to be value priced since they’re re-releases. I think some idiot in upper management saw them and said ” ah…greatest hits! siguro mahal to.” Shet.

    Actually I believe this is the result of a vicious cycle. Game X for console A comes out. Toy Kingdom prices Game X too high as usual and no one buys it. (Let’s not talk about Final Fantasy or Tekken that a lot of people will buy. Substitute as Game X a game that is very good but no one knows about so no one buys an original copy.) Anyway… after many months a Greatest Hits version of Game X is released. So at Toy Kingdom they have the initial release at ~P 4000 side-by-side with the Greatest hits version of Game X, that should be priced at less that P 2K. Now how would you price the Greatest Hits line to make sure that the more expensive initial release also gets sold (eventually)? Of course that’s only what I think. I could be wrong.

  9. It’s a good theory, but it doesn’t explain why every other video game “toy” they have is priced unreasonably.

    It’s so not chinese: benta mura benta marami!

    Christ. Don’t they realize they can practically OWN the local videogame market if they priced their stuff accordingly?

  10. get a girlfriend and take her out of town like palawan/bora instead of burning money on a high end console…problem solved 😉

  11. What is it with people like you who post off-topic comments tthat make you feel better about yourselves?

    It’s like going to a dog lover’s forum and saying “You guys should get a life. I love cats and cats fucking RULE.”

  12. hey you fucking guys die and be such a stupid fucking assholes

  13. pc games is the future of gaming!,thats why the price is high u dumd asses!

  14. “On another tangent” ?

    What a wanker.

  15. just noticed this blog :p

    anyways, Datablitz megamall got it’s hands on a wii unit.

    when I say a wii unit, I meant they really just had 1. they sold it for 18k that lucky prick.

    btw, if you think you’ll get one from them they have a 100+ people waiting list now and next shipment will be like next year. still unsure if it will be a single unit :p

  16. hey, i m looking for WII in manila too.
    but nowhere can i find another store who sell WII. Since there is no competition, Toy kongdom will never lower their price….

    i have to get one from other countries…

  17. haha… i recall a few years back when the PS one was still king of all consoles… most places sold pirated games for about 3 CDS for 100 pesos. i remember at the time going to the oh-so-ghetto US metromall in las pinas and they were still selling old pirated family computer games for the same price they were marked almost 20 years ago. between 300 to 1000 pesos. ridiculous.

  18. i love toy kingdom you prick


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