I HATE Bobby Pacquiao

Lots of hate these days eh? But he seriously deserves it. I can’t believe this shmuck has the balls to go on live national television and tell people that “hinde sadya(sp?) yung mga low blows niya. You hit the guy below the belt 3 times Bobby, fucking 3 times. Fuck you. You’re a cheater. A cheap brawler. A typical Filipino who tries to get out of a bad situation by lying and insisting on his innocence. You don’t even have the balls to own up to the fact that you hit the guy below the belt intentionally. The only reason you’re in the ring is because of your brother, and you squander it that way? Asshole. Just tag along with big brother Manny and stop pretending to be a boxer.

Please top bitching that Freddie spent more time training Manny than training you, because he’s probably just training you as a favor. I mean, is that why you were overweight before the fight, cause you were pining for Freddie and pigged out on comfort food? Is that why you hit the guy in the cajones, cause Freddie wasn’t there long enough to tell you that hitting a guy in the balls isn’t allowed in professional boxing? If you can’t tell the difference between a low blow and a proper one, you don’t even deserve to be in the ring.

And lastly and most importantly, lose the moustache, you don’t deserve it.


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