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December 29, 2006

Greenwich Sisig Pizza vs Red Egg Pizza

I just had both greenwich holiday specials, the sisig pizza, and the red egg pizza, and the sisig pizza wins hands down. I’d been wanting to taste both of these holiday special pizzas, and finally decided to do something about it today.

The sisig pizza captures the essence of sisig, with crunchy chicharon bits to boot, while the tomato sauce and cheese complement it perfectly as it swims inside your mouth. The Red egg pizza was by no means bad, but it tasted much like bibingka with a few slices of christmas ham for good measure.

With the Sisig pizza setting you back 150 pesos for a double sized pizza and the red egg special hitting you with 219 pesos, the sisig pizza is the clear favorite, and is the limited edition pizza that everyone should try.

December 29, 2006

Geeking your way to fitness


I’ve decided to start working out again to get fit, after remembering my doctor’s advice during my near catastrophic hospital stay.  He said something like, “The body and the mind are closely connected to each other, so when one is helathy, the other is as well”.

Leveling Up 

I’ve also been thinking about why it is that so many geeks are unfit?  I think that it’s partly because there is no leveling up when it comes to real life.  I mean sure, if you work out everyday you’ll start to see results, but there is no gauge.  No window that pops up to tell you that you have reached level 22 fitness, and you now have +2STR,  +5STM, +3DXT, etc.  With no metrics to keep track off, the would-be-fut geek gets bored and decides to go back to playing GTA San Andreas.  At least in the game there’s a bar and stats to keep track of your fat, strenght, sex appeal…

I think the cure to unfit geeks is to simply add some gameplay and game mechanic elements into the process.  For example, the simple act of listing down the kinds of exercises that you do and then listing the number of sets and repetitions, then plotting the increase in their number over the next  few weeks can reinforce your desire to exercise.  Confused?  Don’t worry, I made an image.


What you see is a very basic training regimen that almost anyone can type out on a spreadsheet.  For the “arnold’s press” week 1, I’ve listed the number of repetitions as 12 and the number of repetitions as 3.  For week 2, I’ve upped the repetitions to 13 and maintained the sets to 3.  I will keep increasing the number of reps every week, but the important thing is that I’m documenting my progress and reinforcing the idea that I am increasing my repetitions, thus getting more fit.  An increased number of reps can be treated as an increase in a stat, be it HP, MP, or AGI.

A true geek might even propose that once he reaches 15 reps and 3 sets, he will have achieved “level 2 fitness”, and he can reward himself in some way, like buying a new game or gadget or something.  I use 14 pound (kilo?) dumbells for these exercises, but I suppose you might substitute really big books instead.

Watching your calories and tranfats

You can also make a game out of calculating the amount of calories and fats in the foods that you eat.  Before picking up any snack food, check the nutritional information on the back.  I don’t normally lok out for calories anymore because caories are something that you can burn through exercise anyway.  What i do look out for is the amount of fat, specifically transfat that is contained in the food.  It’s easier to work with these figures because they give you the percentage of the daily recommended amount instead of a vague number.  For example, if Snack A has 50% transfat in a single srving, that should make you stop and think.  With this one snack I’m using up my allotted 50% of transfats for this day.  Is it worth it?  You’ll have to be the judge.

Regardless, this is at least one other metric you can play around with in your head.  In a game, there might be a “fat” bar which, upon reaching dangerous levels, would start to glow red, and your “character” would start to get dizzy, and the controls would be all fucked up.  That’s what transfats do to you.  Just kidding.

Be aware: Know all the geeky stats and hacks

As a geek, it’s also important to be informed.  Stats and hacks such as those found in WIRED magazine.  For example, did you know that you can increase your breathing power by keeping water in your mouth and breathing through your nose only?  By forcing yourself to breathe through the nose, your breathing muscles will work harder, and will thus work much more efficiently in actual physical exertion.

You can do much more research yourself about information that can spur you on.  For example, did you know that Bruce Lee suggested parkng your car a few blocks away from where you work or live in order to force yourself to walk?  He also said that avoiding escalators and using the stairs makes people much more fit than they think, and that these simple action can halp make you a fitter, healthier person.

GI Joe had it right ladies and geeks, knowing really is half the battle.

Well I hope you enjoyed my spurt of blogging.  I know this is pretty half assed, but hopefully I presented my argument in a semi-coherent manner.  Getting fit can be geeky, so all you slackers have no excuse anymore.  It’s all about the mindset, and you have to admit, I just made exercising sound like the geekiest thing ever.

To point you in the right direction, here’s a link to the blog of a geek trying to lose some excess poundage.  You can do it my friend.  Just remember every pound lost equals and increase in AGI.

December 28, 2006

RIP James Brown : Godfather of Soul dies at 73

Sad news, indeed.  I honestly don’t know what to say, except every music fan should take a moment to thank him for the music.  So long, and I hope you’re somewhere up there still sining your lungs out.

December 22, 2006

The Beatles’ Love Album

It’s like listening to the Beatles if they were a band coming out today.

December 22, 2006

That’s right, encourage them why dontcha?


Foolish, foolish Japan.  When will you see the error of your ways?  Your robophile culture will surely turn on you someday, and the consequences will be devastating.  However, until that day comes, feel free to give your future masters shiny metal awards so that they look upon you with a little less disdain once they take over the world.

In other words, click the link to read about Japan honoring the innovative robots of 2006.

December 22, 2006

Ornusa Cadness on MPH January 2007


Click on the link for some Ornusa Cadness goodness.

December 21, 2006

The Worst Movie Trailer Ever


Seriously, how can anyone get excited about the Transformers movie when they release a shitty trailer like this?  It’s like the editor suddenly rediscovered “Fade to Black” on his video editing program and went wild with it.  Using fadeToBlack ad infinitum is sooo not the way to get me excited about the movie.

Instead of submitting yourself to that torture, check out MattMoylan’s collection of “Lil Transformers” comics, which are sure to make any transformers fan laugh till his gut hurts.

December 20, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

I swear to god at the end of this film I was misty eyed, and I missed my family more than I’ve ever missed them in my entire life.  Little Miss Sunshine is an ode to the dysfunctional family, and it crosses borders of race and culture to deliver a message about the importance of sticking together, even when you have to push a broken down VW van in order to start up the engine in 3rd gear, while your dead grandfather lies in the trunk wrapped in a blanket.

It’s too late to catch it in theaters, but I encourage you all to go out and watch this movie, even if you have to buy it from pirates (yarrr).

December 20, 2006

Line Rider = Time Waster


Draw a track, press play, and watch the line rider ride along his merry way.

December 19, 2006

Pixelstream graphics engine demo at hackenslash tv

Ok, so this is pretty cool. Props toHackenslash TV for letting us take a look at the graphics engine pixelstream showed of in the Asian Game Developers Conference in Singapore. I’m too lazy to embed the video here, so check out Joey Alarilla’s blog instead. Good writer, that guy. Too bad Hackenslash sucks.