Iverson is like KG, only smaller


Just caught the tail end of a fantastic Sixers/Nets game, with the Nets barely escaping with a 112-107 win over the scrappy Sixers. A few things struck me while watching the last few minutes.

Allen Iverson is like a smaller, scrappier version of KG. Both are immensely loyal to their teams and vice versa, both have had a rotating cast of support players as their respective teams try to find a good match, Both have had one dream season each (Sixers lost the 2001 finals 4-2 against the Lakers, and both are fierce competitors. It’s amazing how Iverson moves at his age, coming in out of nowhere to make a steal or managing to sink a tough 2 while getting the foul.

Chris Webber moves like an old man. You’d think he’d be shamed by Iverson to get into better shape, but he just looks soft and decidedly unmenacing on the court. The Cwebb you used to know back in Sacramento is gone, and the man in Philly is just a shade of his former self. He’s still got the jumper though, as he proved in this game by providing a clutch 3 down the stretch. Of course he missed around 10 shots before that so… I still hate Vince Carter, and I hate that he was made player of the game. It just ain’t right.


One Comment to “Iverson is like KG, only smaller”

  1. Hey man, give more credit to KG, he’s unselfish and has a better shot selection. 🙂 So is he like AI? I don’t think so hehehe.

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