Filipino Game Designers Reprazent!


It looks like 3 Pinoys will be speaking at the Asian Game Developers summit this weekend in Singapore.  From pinoytechblog:

The Asian Game Developer Summit is a game industry conference for promoting
game development within the Southeast Asian region. The event is jointly
organized by game developers from Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

This is on December 9 and 10, at the Orchard Hotel Singapore.
The event features speakers from around the world on topics from game
programming, production, art, and the business side. Aside from really
good international speakers, local developers speaking at
the event.

These include 3 Pinoys: Altair Martinez of Pixel Stream (on Shader-driven Graphics Engine Architecture), Paul Gadi of Anino Mobile (An Attempt at Test-Driven J2ME Development), and Alex Calero of Glyph Studios (Lipsync and Facial Animation Systems: Choosing what works for you).

It’s good to know that we’re getting some recognition in the game developing community, and I give props to all these guys, especially Pol Gadi (That’s him in blue.  Sorry ladies, he’s taken. besides, he laughs funny), since we play Poker and DoTA in his office every Saturday.


One Comment to “Filipino Game Designers Reprazent!”

  1. hahahaha! laughs funny ampota!!!

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