Is there such a thing as a calling?


This post will be emo, and very stream of consciousness like, so don’t expect much rhyme or reason.  You were warned.

I’ve been thinking, is there such a thing as calling?  You see in movies and read in books all the time about people who’ve felt their calling and followed it, even against the wishes of their loved ones, simply because it was what they felt they had to do.  It’s always a magical movie moment, where the skies clear and the sun comes out and everything starts to make perfect sense, and the hero decides that his mission is to save the world, or take care of cats. Something like that.

I wonder how many people have felt that?  Because honestly, I don’t think I ever have.  My job right now is neither glamourous nor certainly what I imagined I would be doing after college, but it pays well enough and is pretty stable, so I can’t complain.  Sometimes I catch myself thinking that I’d rather be making games again, or maybe making comics, or even music, just anything that’s not so regular.  Then I start to think that if I give up this gig it better be for a damn good reason, or else I’d just be stupid, wouldn’t I?

Hence, the calling.

If I truly felt that there was something out there that I needed to do, something that called out to me, then perhaps that would be worth going for.  Otherwise, what’s the point?  So I wonder, do I want to make videogames because I think it’s my calling, or do I just think it’s a cool, non-regular job?  Do I want to write or draw comics for the same reason?  I don’t feel like I have a story to tell, even though there are stories I’d LIKE to tell.  That’s a huge difference.

I’d like to believe that I was meant for something grand, but how do you tell the difference between delusions of grandeur and actual destiny?  Are people who achieve great things in life delusional in a way that they have to fool themselves into believing something until it finally becomes a reality?

What drives people to do these things?  What does it feel like to have a calling?


One Comment to “Is there such a thing as a calling?”

  1. You might get some insights from other people who have asked the same question – fumbled – yet somehow succeeded:

    I have this book. Despite the title, it’s not cheesy, and it might help. It doesn’t tell you what to do but let’s you think what the next step should be. Lemme me know if you wanna borrow.

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