I’ve started on a new category today, called “learnFlash”, which is a psuedopun on how Actionscript (flash’s programming language) is coded.  Why do I want to learn Flash?  First, it’s pretty useful to have knowledge of Flash and its ins and outs, and second, I can use it to make games, including mobile games.

I’m putting up my efforts to learnFlash on the web in the hopes that I can get small group of local indie game devs together as a “support group”, cheering each other on and patting each other on the back to help us keep going.  On that note, I’ve created another blog (don’t you just love how blogging is free and abused) called onegame which will hopefully be an aggregator of local indie game devs and their experiences.

Man…I hope this works.


3 Responses to “learnFlash”

  1. Hey, is this, and I say this with much insincere trepidation, a calling? Looks like a calling found you, buddy! 🙂

  2. haha, not so much a calling, more like a desperate effor tto keep my mind active. I guessI felt like I should have something other than work and play to devote myself to, and this might as well be it, since I’ll be having a bit of fun and learning a useful skill at the same time!


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