E-buys: A new way to screw Toy Kingdom in the A.

Toy Kingdom sucks ass when selling electronic videogames, but it’s ok because we have the internet and e-bay, which is a beautiful and wonderful thing designed not to fuck customers in the A and make them say they liked it.   Damn that felt good.  Without further ado, here are two e-bay Wii packages that are much more palatable than the 30k “cause it’s new” Toy Kingdom has to offer.

Wii + 5 games for 20,000 pesos

Wii + Legend of Zelda for 15,000 pesos

I must stress that I do not know these sellers and do not vouch for their authenticity.  Check out their feedback, send them a few messages and decide for yourselves whether or not they’re legit, then finally decide whether or not you’re going to be one of the first few people in the Philippines to get a Wii.


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