KG plus AI = NBA championship


Man, I made the comparison between Allen Iverson to Kevin Garnett before, but never in a million years think that there would be a possibility that the two of them might be playing for the same team.  I mean, can you imagine it?  Two players with the same kind of fire and drive and loyalty to their teams coming together; things will definitely explode, whether good or bad, but it sure as hell will be fun to watch.

Come on Kevin McHale, do the right thing.  Get rid of Ricky Davis and any other Timberwolf takeing up precious salary cap space.  Talk to KG.  He wants Iverson, so maybe he’d be willing to take a small hit to his million dollar salary to get him.  Do it. NOW!


5 Comments to “KG plus AI = NBA championship”

  1. Dude, if AI goes to Minnesota, there’s still no guarantee of a championship. It would still depend on many factors, like chemistry and the bench.

    My main concern is AI’s penchant for hogging the ball. You see, AI takes 25 shots a game. Any team whose offense revolves around a player that takes this many shots would have difficulty getting a championship, which demands unselfish team play. Add in the fact that despite being a 9-year veteran, AI’s shot selection is still as ugly as ever (career average FG percentage of 42.1%), and you have a potential problem in orchestrating an efficient offense.

    Yes, AI is a valuable player to have on your team, but with his skill set, you’re going to have to find a team that should match his style of play for it to become really successful.

    To think that we didn’t even discuss the financial details yet.

    One thing’s for sure: this is going to be one huge trade. It’s possible that it would involve more than two teams.

  2. Read ESPN’s Daily Dime today, Jon Barry agrees with me. AI takes those many shots because his team needs him to. On a team with enough talent that he wouldn’t have to take so many shots, he’d be a gem, a “facilitator”, as Barry said.

    And even KG’ excited to work with AI, so there’s your chemistry right there. Now the salary cap…well that’s a whole nother ball game. Good bye Ricky Davis, that’s fer sure.

  3. KG needs a scorer to win a championship, that was the case when he had Sam and Spree on the way to the Conferene Finals..during that time, it was the first time in a gazillion years did KG got good help earning Ws for his team…a scorer in Iverson would provide the same thing…You have 1-2 punch like Kobe-Shaq during the Lakers’ three peat, and they have enough role players to surround them…Mark Blount,Mccants,Craig Smith,Hudson,Griffin,Hassell and Jaric. Randy Foye and Ricky Davis may ba part of the deal along with a few draft picks. For the Sixers…I don’t think they need Ricky Davis but they need Randy Foye.AI must return to his true position at 2 as he is more effective as a shooter than a playmaker.

  4. But I think if the Sixers want to make a run this season…make a deal to the Kings to bring in Mike Bibby and Shareed Abdur Rahim..a starting 5 of Bibby,Iguodala,Korver,Abdur Rahim and Dalembert would be very very good in the Eastern Conference….does it remind you more or less the 2001 Kings when they got Bibby,Christie,Stojakovic,Webber and Divac?, plus they have dealt Iverson to a Western Conference team so they won’t meet him that much.

  5. @Ryan

    I don’t believe Barry. “He needs to” is an easy excuse, but I’m not sold with it. Since AI is a terrific offensive player and passer, he CAN make his teammates better than they already are.

    But he doesn’t. AI likes to shoot first.

    Because AI is a huge offensive threat, he can easily be used as a decoy to draw defenses away from other teammates. This would instantly open up the floor, but sadly, this isn’t how it works in Philly.

    Let’s use Steve Nash as an alternative example. Aside from Nash’s great offensive skills, he is also a great and unselfish passer. This makes his teammates much better. Do you really think that Diaw or Bell is good as they really are? Granted that they’re “ok,” but they’re not terrific, which is the way they’re playing now. Thanks to Nash.

    What happens to Phoenix when Nash doesn’t play? They’re terrible. They TRY to run, but their offense is stale. When Starbury left the Suns, he also had good offensive weapons around him, but like AI, Starbury doesn’t like to pass much (don’t let his assists average fool you).

    If you move AI, the receiving team has to adjust to his style of play because he’s AI. Unfortunately, AI doesn’t realize that his team, no matter where he plays, can be much better if he starts shooting less and passing more.

    Did I mention he needs a better shot selection?

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