Garage sales and donations


Had a garage sale this weekend, and sold off lots of pirated playstation CDs, old VCDs, and clothes I’ve grown too thin for.  I made perhaps a little over a thousand pesos, which I proceeded to use up for all sorts of miscellaneous expenses on Sunday.  I learned that comics, even when sold at 5 pesos a piece, do not sell well, and that shoes are one of the biggest draws in a sale.

All of the old comics I have left, plus the old clothes that weren’t sold and other paraphernalia will be donated to our local gas station, who will then pass it on to charitable institutions while at the same tim holding a raffle where DVD players and such are up for grabs.  Everyone wins.  Isn’t it great when that happens?  It so rarely does.


2 Comments to “Garage sales and donations”

  1. hihih, clothes that you’ve gone too thin for? just kidding ry 😛 congrats on the garage sale!

  2. yes. five small children can use one of my old polos as a blanket.

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