Hackenslash should just shorten its name to Hacks.


I have hated hackenslash for a long time. Well, not hated, more like disdained, mocked, and been frustrated by. They are, for all intents and purposes, the premier online gaming mag in the Philippines, yet much of their content fluffs up dead in the water games and provides half-baked articles that don’t really reveal the entire story to their readers. The one I’m most annoyed with recently is this piece, specifically because I wrote about it already a few weeks ago.

In the article titled Wii-spotting in Manila: Stalking Nintendo’s baby, Hackenslash rightly reveals that:

Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall is selling its Wii basic package at 29,999 pesos while its games range from 3,000 pesos to 4,000 pesos.

TK Megamall also sells the Wii remote control at 2,999 pesos, the nunchuck at 1,999 pesos and the Nintendo classic controller also at 1,999 pesos.

Meanwhile, Celtex in Greenhills is selling the Wii at 29,500 pesos, though they do not have the games or extra controllers yet.

This is good, because the information so far is correct and in fact I didn’t even know about Celtex in Greenhills. What bothers me is the fact that Hackenslash makes no mention of the fact that Toy Kingdom has historically always overpriced their games and consoles. Don’t they find it odd that last gen PS2 games still cost around 4k, the same price as Wii games? They make mention of retailer Datablitz later on, but they don’t say that Datablitz prices its Wii games at a little over half the price TK sells its games. I mean seriously, what the fuck?

Hackenslash is the premier (and I use that term VERY loosely) electronic gaming mag in the Philippines, so why don’t they write about TK’s extortionate prices. Why can’t they make the connection that it’s not about Wiis being new or in demand, it’s about a Toy Chain that’s being irresponsible with it’s pricing, whose only rebuttal to a query on the Wii’s price tag is “yan kase ang latest, sir.”

Hackenslash should be on TK’s ass, asking questions and making connections. Why are only the electronic games overpriced? Why can Datablitz, whose inventory is tiny compared to TK’s, offer lower prices? These are the things they should be asking, instead of simply coming to the conclusion that Wii it “…does enjoy a fan base that might be willing to pay 150 percent more just to get one. ” They shouldn’t have to, especially if they’re buying it from a huge retailer that’s supposed to be catering to the mass markets.

Otherwise, what’s the point? If they’re not willing to use their influence they should give it to someone else. Like me, for instance. 😉

Not that Hackenslash is all bad mind you. Their website is decent, although there are numerous UI issues that I won’t go into detail on here. Yet. Their venture into Youtube via Hackenslash TV is also promising, but also pretty half-assed, as they interview game designers and journalists during a christmas party where you can barely hear what’s being said. For the most part it’s promotional fluff (ie hello, I’m so and so from IBM, and here’s what we’re doing for you…), but hopefully they can come up with more interesting videos soon.

Oh and uh, it’s nice to be enthusiastic about your new product but seriously, there’s something to be said about moderation, and keeping things real. Hackenslash TV will be the coolest gaming TV show around — and it’s not even on regular TV.” The coolest gaming TV show around? Not really Joey, not really.



9 Comments to “Hackenslash should just shorten its name to Hacks.”

  1. gatasaqui.blogspot.com
    as mais gatas da internet

  2. oh come on, no hackenslash defenders out there????

  3. I never heard of Hackenslash til I read this post of yours. How are the prices at Toys R’ Us?

  4. To be honest, I’m not sure. but I’ll check on that and do an update soon.

  5. Hey mike, my sources (naks!) say that the toys r us in gall and in robinsons metro east isn’t selling the Wii yet. no word on possible pricing.

  6. nope, another mike. dammit. there’s too many mikes in the world.

  7. aotm, their site has expired. seems like it’s a premier for the site.


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