Pixelstream graphics engine demo at hackenslash tv

Ok, so this is pretty cool. Props toHackenslash TV for letting us take a look at the graphics engine pixelstream showed of in the Asian Game Developers Conference in Singapore. I’m too lazy to embed the video here, so check out Joey Alarilla’s blog instead. Good writer, that guy. Too bad Hackenslash sucks.


4 Comments to “Pixelstream graphics engine demo at hackenslash tv”

  1. Cool demo.

    But I checked out the Pixelstream corporate site. Boo. Jeez, if the site is not complete, don’t bother putting it up. When will you people learn? Nag-college ba kayo? Common sense lang.

    “This site is under construction” is so Web 1.0.

  2. i hear you, brother, I hear you.

  3. Speaking of Pixelstream, I’m still thinking where I should go for OJT… Anino Mobile or Pixelstream? *sighs*

    Thanks for sharing the vid! 🙂

  4. Well I can vouch for the people in anino mobile, they’re all fun, dedicated gamers. 🙂

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