Greenwich Sisig Pizza vs Red Egg Pizza

I just had both greenwich holiday specials, the sisig pizza, and the red egg pizza, and the sisig pizza wins hands down. I’d been wanting to taste both of these holiday special pizzas, and finally decided to do something about it today.

The sisig pizza captures the essence of sisig, with crunchy chicharon bits to boot, while the tomato sauce and cheese complement it perfectly as it swims inside your mouth. The Red egg pizza was by no means bad, but it tasted much like bibingka with a few slices of christmas ham for good measure.

With the Sisig pizza setting you back 150 pesos for a double sized pizza and the red egg special hitting you with 219 pesos, the sisig pizza is the clear favorite, and is the limited edition pizza that everyone should try.


4 Responses to “Greenwich Sisig Pizza vs Red Egg Pizza”

  1. it still looks gross, no matter what you say!

  2. don’t knock it till you try it!

  3. i’m still not sure what the essence of sisig is since it tastes and feels different every time i try it…crunchy, soggy, chewy, soy-saucy, spicy, etc. etc.


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