Why Kasal Kasali Kasalo is the Winner


I’m not a fan of Filipino films.  Let’s get that straight.  I hate the singing and dancing and the overacting and the screeching fags. I hate the fact that we only create films that follow the current Hollywood trend…a year after that trend has been beaten up and kicked to the curb by rabid moviegoers (and yes, I meant Exodus).

But Kasal Kasali Kasalo is proof that sometimes you can make a smart romantic comedy that pleases the masses and make a hell of a lot of money too.  That it recieved 2nd place to EntengfuckingKabisote3 is a travesty that is best scribed by others more knowledgeable than I regarding these matters, but I feel like it’s about time I hopped on the bandwagon to plug this movie because it deserved it.

First off, to all the peopel who cry out that “art films” just don’t make that much money, KKK isn’t an art film, it’s a romantic comedy starring Juday and Ryan Agoncillo, about as masa-pleasing as you can get.  Where it works its magic is how it takes elements from the tried and true storyline of the taking two different dysfunctional families together and bringing them together through a marriage (Meet the Fockers, My Big Fat Greek Wedding,…) and adds uniquely Filipino elements to make sure that everyone gets the joke.

For example, it’s funny in Meet the Fockers that Ben Stiller’s mom is a sex/yoga practitioner because that’s how you imagine those crazy Americans to be.  In the Philippines, that sort of joke wouldn’t fly, so instead Juday’s mom (played brilliantly by Gina Pareno) is a “kagawad” or a “politicians”.  It’s these insights into Filipino culture that made watching the movie such a treat, not to mention the fact that for the most part the film is tightly edited (except maybe for the first 10 minutes where the “courtship” seemed a bit rushed).

If you see KKK on the DVD shelves, you might just think about purchasing it if the price is right.  With increasing revenues and the whole brouhaha over the judging process, maybe it’ll open producers’ eyes to the fact that the Filipino moviegoing public really isn’t as stupid as we all seem to think they are.


One Comment to “Why Kasal Kasali Kasalo is the Winner”

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