Wondering what MP3 player to buy next?


This helpful chart by dapreview.net goes through the attributes of the Microsoft Zune, the Apple iPod, and the Creative Zen Vision:M (note to creative, you might consider shortening the name, hmm?) and should be aboon to anyone looking to buy their next digital media player.

Remember kids, an informed consumer is a happy consumer.

Oh, and for some hilarity, check out this site that compares the iPod to a casette tape.  I like the “drop” test best.


5 Responses to “Wondering what MP3 player to buy next?”

  1. Just a note on the Zen. I bought one off ebay and within a week it stopped working. The product was still sealed when I received it. Anyways, since the product was bought from someone other than creative, their tech support won’t help me. Everyone should be aware of this type of thing before buying. I wasn’t.

    Anyways, the Source says they can repair it at a base of $40 plus whatever parts are needed. I think its just a internal software problem. BTW, none of the guide to fix a zen worked for me. I tried… about 30 of them.
    Plus the creative forums sucks for help. None of the admins will reply or help. You are stuck with people asking if you have it plugged in properly or turned on. ARGH!

    Buy from the dealer. Get a receipt and a warranty. Save yourself some hassle.

  2. Yeah, the same can be said when buying any piece of technology. I think Apple has the best one around. They replaced my IPOD without a receipt (parents bought it in the States) and only my online registration in hand. Talk about customer service!

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