I like sausages

I’ve loved sausage ever since the first time I ate a sausage McMuffin in McDonald’s.  What is this strange meat, I thought?  It’s kinda like a burger, but not quite.  It’s got more spices and flavor, and they only offer it for breakfast!  I always wondered how they made sausages, and now through the magic of the inernets I not only know how they make them, I’m also gonna try making some over the weekend.

I found the recipe over at slashfood, and if you’re interested go check it out and make your own batch as well!

Dammit, I’m hungry now.


3 Comments to “I like sausages”

  1. I love sausage. I have to say its my fav breakfast meat and I love it in tomato sauce! Thanks for the link.

  2. woohoo!

    This will be great exercise for my beloved kitchenaid mixer.

    Sausagefest! and not the gay kind.

  3. let’s compare sausages!

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