Transforming shoes wtf?


Ok, I like the transformers as much as the next guy who grew up in the 80s, but seriously, shoes?  Nike shoes?  That transform?  Nike running shoes that transform?  I have no (more) words.


2 Comments to “Transforming shoes wtf?”

  1. I honestly thought they were cool because when in robot form Optimus and Megatron were still wearing a pair of nike frees and looking mighty good in them too. Would have been better though if you could actually wear them.

    At least an improvement over the shitty starwars transformers that reeks of Lucas money milking and megablackhole of ideas. Or worse. The Marvel heroes transformers.

  2. weeeeelllll, i dunno. I don’t like nike as a company kase. sweatshops and milking franchises and such. Gid i hated that ipod thing they had going, like you could fit a sensor into a specific shoe that would fit into your ipod and what? jesus.

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