Mel Gibson likes gore. He liked it in Passionof the Christ and he likes it in the Atzec adventure movie Apocalypto. Make no mistake folks, that’s all Apocalypto is. This is no sweeping epic, no in-depth exploration of the Aztec culture and civilization. This is an out and out action flick set in an era where men wore thongs and ate tapir balls.

And as an action film, it works. Mel Gibson, jew hating prick that he is, is a still talented filmmaker who deserves all the praise he gets for his craft.  It’s barely noticeable, but it struck me right away just how clean the film was and I knew something was up.  Apparently Apocalypto was filmed using the Panavision “genesis” digital camera, the same one used to film “Superman returns”.  I can’t say exactly what the advantages were for shooting in digital, but at least there were no negative effects.

Seeing as how parts of Superman Returns were ported to imax, I wonder what the chances are of an imax version of Apocalypto sometime in the future?  The sheer amount of gore in the movie makes it a long shot, but if it ever does happen I’d be first in line to watch it.

One last thing, if you ever, ever have to jump off a waterfall, don’t go head first.


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