Samsung YP-K5


The Samsung YP-K5 is an interesting mp3 flash player that’s been getting a lot of publicity lately in the form of music videos.  I’ve seen it in Fergie’s Fergilicious(?) video, and the Pussycat Dollz latest offering as well (the one with Timbaland, who seems to be just about everywhere these days).

Aside from the sleek exterior and touchscreen controls, this player’s claim to fame is the slide out speaker that instantly turns it into a mobile jukebox whenever you feel like sharing (or forcing) your tunes with other people.  Price still seems a little vague at this point, but I expect it’ll be in the $250 dollar range, at 4GB.  A little steep, but if you factor in the speakers, it’s not too shabby a deal.


2 Comments to “Samsung YP-K5”

  1. it looks interesting, but i’llwait for them to come out with a 8GB one before i really consider. my 6GB mini can hardly contain my music anymore. and it pains me to have to choose between just jack and rey valera. and i am not touching my rico j puno!

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