Much love to my ladygeeks

Just so ya’ll don’t think a playa be hatin’ on the ladygeeks up in hea, I gots somethin y’all might be interested in, ya heard? These bags be coming up in yo ass from microsoft baybeeeeeee!.

OK I’ll stop now. Ladies’ laptop tote bags, because your Targus messenger bag is so not hot. I’m not sure how much of a hit these’ll be, but hey, at least Microsoft, of all companies, is starting to notice that a huge swath of the laptop toting populating is women. Ladies in the house, what do you think?


4 Comments to “Much love to my ladygeeks”

  1. They’re better than most available out there, but my personal favorite is from

    They’re not particularly girly, but Crumpler bags are nice, too! Bloody expensive, yes, but nice, nevertheless.

  2. I hear you. that shit be dope. Peace out my homos.

  3. There’s a brand available locally – Lapdance (I shit you not), with ladies’ laptop bags. Very pretty stuff. Microsoft was never pretty.

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