Valentine’s day robot brings love and peace on Earth


In a bit of lighthearted Valentine news, it seems that I was mistaken in my previous apprehension for robots, because they can be a force for good, just like the man-bot 2007.  Not only can the man-bot replace the men in women’s lives, they can also be switched to “gay-mode” for the times when women just need a little understanding.

What I wanna know is, when are the fem-bots coming out?  You know, the anatomically correct fembots that provide constant companionship, aren’t schizophrenic crazies for a week every month, can actually make up their minds, can be one of the boys but at the same time be a smoking sexpot in bed?


3 Comments to “Valentine’s day robot brings love and peace on Earth”

  1. valentines gifts are not supposed to creep you out…in the us they are not anyway.

  2. Why can’t they make a _hot_ man-bot?

  3. Ahhh, fembots that are slightly exaggerated in stratagic anatomic proportions

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