Sony Ericsson K810 Cybershot phone

I’ve thought for the longest time that the most natural extension to a cellphone’s capabilities is a camera.  You never know when the perfect shot might come, and you’ll always have your cellphone with you, so it just seemed like the perfect match.  This the reason I’ve had my eye on the SE K800 cybershot phone, since it features a 3.2 megapixel camera (which is 1.2 more than my dedicated canon digital camera).  But just when I’ve saved up enough money to purchase the K800, Sony throws this beauty of a monkey wrench into the mix, making me think twice about my K800 purchase.

See, I’ve been lugging around a Nokia N-gage for the past two and a half years, and my pants pockets are begging me for a slimmer phone.  The K800 just barely fits the bill, but the K810  ups the ante by coming in a slimmer form factor.  However, the specs are almost identical and the K810 is really just a K800 after a trip to Vicki Belo and some Bangkok Pills, so the deciding factor will be how much of a price difference there will be.  If local merchants charge an exorbitant amount for the K810 (as they are wont to do, especially when an item is the “latest, sir”), then I’ll pass.  The K800 can be bought for around 16k these days, so if the K810 is priced at say…20-21k, I just might take the plunge.


4 Responses to “Sony Ericsson K810 Cybershot phone”

  1. it still has that buggy joystick in the middle..

  2. meh. I’ll learn to live with it I’m sure. The one other thing that bothers me is the K800’s slightly looses lens cover, which doesn’t seem to have been remedied by the K810.

  3. I would prefer the K800, the rather small keypads on K810 doesn’t appeal to me.

    However, I agree with you that we might have to compare the price.


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