You never need to sleep again.


So apparently coffee is passe.  The kids of the future today drink coffee not to wake up, but to be cool.  The real waker uppers are drugs like modafinil, which not only keeps you awake, but alert and focused as well,perhaps even more so than if you were just well rested.  If you’re the yuppie that works all day and parties all night, this may just be the thing to get you through the night, especially of you’re pushing 30 and your energy levels aren’t what they used to be in college.

The flipside is that the body really does need sleep (no, really, it does), and excessive sleep deprivation will cause damage to your body, and I already foresee millions of college kids and yuppies burning out on these pills in the near future.


One Comment to “You never need to sleep again.”

  1. And then your skin ends up looking like shit, so you have to stock up on those orange face masks from Watson’s to look pretty. RAWR, WE ARE INVINCIBLE!

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