Nordic music rocks

SXSW is an annual gathering of the hip and bleeding in media and technology. It’s a breeding ground of ideas where geeks and hipsters can gather and swap stories and business plans. There’s absolutely no way I’ll ever get to visit the festiveal, but the magic of the internet provides the next best thing.

This blog links up to more than a dozen Nordic (Sweden, Norway, Finland, etc) bands that performed in SXSW, and provides you with free mp3 samples to boot. I’ve listened to the Norwegian bands already (wassssssup Andreas?), and I love all of them. The standout for me has to be Chris Lee though, because who knew there were Norwegian rappers?

Click on the link for some sweet, legally free music.


One Comment to “Nordic music rocks”

  1. I love Swedish music! I would totally go to Sweden just to watch their bands live.

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