Crossgen Comics SALE at National Bookstore!


Crossgen comics was a shooting star in the comics industry.  In its brief history, it became the third largest american comics publisher in the world, was a shining light for comics professionals who wanted a steady job with benefits instead of freelancing, and in general made pretty damned good comic books that spanned the range from high fantasy, space opera, and victorian mystery.

But the dream that was Crossgen died when financial rot started to seep in, and most of its books weren’t picked up off the shelves.  The company filed for bankruptcy in 2004 and its assets were picked off by Disney for a paltry $1 million.

Fortunately for cheap thrifty comic geeks in the Philippines, good comics never really go out of style, and if you wait long enough, one bookstore or the other will let go of its old stock at bargain basement prices.  150 pesos per issue of EDGE, to be exact.  EDGE is an anthology that collects the best stories of 5 Crossgen comics, and while it’s (the stories) not neccesarily in chronological order, they are for the most part self contained, and for that price its a steal.  I was lucky enough to find EDGE 1-11 in my bookstore, but my friend’s told me that similar sales are going on in other National bookstores as well, so you all might find something worth buying.  Along with EDGE, Crossgen also released FORGE as a similar anthology, but the FORGE collection at my National was sorely lacking.

Anyway, what are you guys waiting for!??!?! Go out and buy some comics already!!!!


One Comment to “Crossgen Comics SALE at National Bookstore!”

  1. I actually have ALL issues of CrossGen’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which starts off with a James Bond-esque spy, but turns out he’s an asshole. Basildon plants a locating device on (or inside) a trophy girl. He then shoots through his conquest to kill the villain taking her hostage. A few pages later he sleeps with his new partner with her not knowing they’d be co-workers. Before the end, it was revealed that among the villains included were clones of Stalin, Hitler and other tyrants. That was all in issue 1. So I got hooked and subscribed to the series through Comic Odyssey. Too bad the last issue was number 5, back in June 2004.

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