DS + Robot = Love

When miss Miriam Sy showed me this link, I just HAD to put it up. Control a robot with your DS with this sweet package from natrium42.com. See, this is what we need to do. CONTROL the robots, not give them AI. For $99, this little gadget is highly impractical, but I can imagine having a date over at my place, asking her if she wants a drink, then bringing out my DS and maneuvering the robot over with two bottles of San Mig Super Dry. Or…maybe not.

Check out pics and info after the jump.


2 Comments to “DS + Robot = Love”

  1. if i had a date like you, i’ll run away screaming (after laughing in your face). and that’s already me, i love DS!

  2. ah yes, it’s because of the love and support friends like you give me that I get by these days. šŸ˜›

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