It’s all fun and video games until someone blows up.


I’d been meaning to write an article about this for a long time now, but I’ve held it off for ages because I wanted my articlle to be insightful, meaningful, and life changing.  Obviously, this is not that article, but I’d like to share the story of a gamer in Baghdad with you anyway.  It’s a marvel to me knowing that there are video gamers in Baghdad, who brave the wartorn streets in search of a pirated copy of Final Fantasy XII.  It bring to light the fact that no matter where you live in the world, we really aren’t all that different after all.

Wisam (the gamer) shares stories of Baghdad the likes of which you’ll never see or hear on a major network, but are just as poignant and important.  The most interesting part to me was how her related to no longer being able to play FPS’ or games like Grand Theft Auto because they felt too much like real life to him.  That the sound of gunfire no longer held appeal to him because he’d hear it every single day.

An article that’s both shocking and intriguing, it’s well worth a read, so click on the link to get the lowdown on being a gamer in Baghdad.


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